Weekend Roundup: Volume 5

A round-up of some of my favourite posts and news articles over the last week.




  • Goldman Sachs introduce a new easy-access savings account paying 1.5%BBC

This is perfect timing. My Tesco savings account (paying 1.35%) is just about to lose it’s welcome bonus and drop to less than 0.5%, so I’ll certainly be opening this account in the next few days! It’s still less than inflation, but it’s better than nothing.


  • This is what a no-deal Brexit actually looks

Very eye-opening read from someone who knows what they’re talking about! Hopefully our current government pulls their finger out soon and actually decides what it wants.



Probably the best thing I’ve read in a while. An inspiring post detailing one person’s quest to simply improve their local community  and environment.


Very interesting post about making money by purchasing websites, improving them and generating (somewhat) passive income with them.


I recognised several of these signs in myself!


  • Perfect is the enemy of getting things doneMs ZiYou

Very relatable post by Ms ZiYou. It’s far too easy to obsess over the finer details and let them hold you back from simply getting on with it!


Another post about making money, this time by self-publishing on Amazon. Joseph gives a good overview of the process involved. I’ve bookmarked this one, as it’s something that I would definitely like to try myself one day!


Similar in theme to another post I highlighted in last week’s weekend roundup – boredom in early retirement! I especially liked this sentiment – “if your life is boring now with work in it, don’t trick yourself into thinking that it will become less boring when you have less to do.” It’s too easy to think that being financially independent will solve all of your problems. If you’re unhappy now then you need to find the actual cause and work to fix it. Financial Independence, much like life, is a journey; you need to enjoy the ride and not rush to the destination!


Great list that I wish I had been given 10 years ago! I think the final point, “Success count matters more than success rate” is especially important. Failure is not a bad thing, but never trying at all certainly is.


A lot has been said about the importance of lifelong learning, and I mentioned that one of my goals for the next five years is that I’d like to learn a new skill and take some more online courses. This is a nice, short piece by Mr FireStation about attending university as a part-time, mature student during his retirement.



  • Kristine from Frugasaurus – Sustainability and Money as a Tool – UKFIPod

I’m not usually much  of a podcast listener, but I’m glad I tuned into this. It was especially interesting listening to the contrasts between the UK and Norway, as well as how to incorporate sustainability into trying to reach financial independence.



  • I’ve just finished my PhD, and now I feel lost without academiaGuardian

Interesting piece focusing on someone feeling lost after the structure of a PhD, but can also be applied to anyone after a big change, including retirement (early or otherwise!).



That’s it for this week. I hope everyone reading has a good weekend!


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