Weekend Roundup: Volume 3

A collection of news and articles that I’ve found interesting over the last week.


As I sit here on a Sunday evening, typing this out, all I can think of is…. I’m so glad Monday is a bank holiday. I don’t hate my job, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a three-day weekend. I live in hope that one day four-day working weeks become the norm. I suppose that is one reason why I am pursuing financial independence!

After several busy weekends filled with birthdays, weddings and family visits, this weekend has been gloriously quiet. The most strenuous thing we’ve done so far was to head to the cinema and watch The Incredibles 2! Which, by the way, is a pretty good film. Not quite as good as the first film, but that was a very tough act to follow. It’s been good to chill, play some videogames with the girlfriend and work on this blog some more.

Anyway, enough from me, here are some articles that have caught my attention this week:



  • More Americans Are Increasing Retirement SavingsMotley Fool

I imagine most people are still not saving enough, but some retirement saving is better than nothing at all. It’ll be interesting to see if the UK is seeing a similar increase in retirement savings.


  • Elderly UK expats could see pensions stopped under ‘no deal’ Brexit, government warnsThis Is Money

Potentially bad news for any UK expats living in the EU. I’m sure something will be sorted out eventually, but time is running out if we really are going to leave on the 29th of March next year.


  • Wonga ‘considering all options’ as compensation claims surgeBBC

I’m fortunate enough to never have been in a situation where I needed to take out a payday loan. But for all those people trapped in an eternal debt cycle, this has to come as some good news. Companies like these exist purely to prey on those down on their luck, so I’m glad to see that this company might be on it’s last legs.


  • New cash Lifetime ISA offered by Nottingham Building SocietyThis Is Money

For the longest time, Skipton were the only provider of a cash LISA. I’m glad to see that another provider has finally decided to get involved. Hopefully this will eventually spark some competition and lead to an increase in interest rates. (It probably won’t, but a man can dream).



  • The thin green line: Why you should be sceptical of financial blogsGet Rich Slowly

This seemed very timely, seeing as I’ve just started a financial blog of my own! The message is twofold; as a reader, take everything you read on the internet with a pinch of salt. And, as a writer, take care to put your readers first. I will certainly try to take this into account as I continue to build this blog.


This might be one of my favourite blog posts that I’ve read in some time. Gwen talks about the difficulties of going the entrepreneurial route. I really appreciated the honesty; you usually only see the successes of people in this community, so it’s refreshing to read about the struggles involved and how she intends to improve the situation.


A reminder that stress is not healthy. Be sure to look after your mental health!

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