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Wednesday Reads: Just the links

A round up of interesting or cool stuff I’ve read.

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Things are all busy busy in the Dr FIRE household this week, so I’ll keep it short.

Clearly I’m still subconsciously thinking about Soul. Looking over this week’s links again, several of them are all about saving for the future whilst maintaining the ability to enjoy the present. A healthy message that I think is always worth repeating.



Interesting links that caught my eye this week:




  • Physician on FIREChoose FI over FIRE

    ” FIRE shouldn’t necessarily be our all-consuming goal.  Instead, we should focus on the freedom provided by financial independence, which allows us to enjoy the journey while still having a goal in mind.”


  • FIRE V LondonReducing my portfolio to one ETF
    FvL compares the performance of his varied holdings with VWRL and finds that the performance is almost identical. Time to simplify?


  • I Pick Up PenniesThere’s value in chilling the f— out

    “If you spend every waking moment working toward your goal, you may miss a good chunk of your youth. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the great time you planned for once you hit your goals. But what if, once you reach those goals, things don’t look the way you imagined?”



  • Banker on FIRELump Sum Investing: Why The Right Advice Is Also Wrong.

    “Squaring up theory with emotion is one of the biggest challenges in personal finance. An answer that makes 100% sense mathematically can make zero sense emotionally. Fighting your lizard brain is rarely a good idea. Instead, much better to strike a compromise and move on.”


  • Full Time FinanceWhat You Read and It’s Influence On You

    “If you remember though, the key to investing success is always to remove emotion from those decisions as much as you can.  It’s why I recommend a detailed investment plan you put in place months ahead of time.  It will allow you to make a logical decision on your future investment direction rather then emotionally deciding in the moment.”

  • Bitches Get RichesThe Most Impactful Financial Decision I’ve Ever Made… and Why I Don’t Recommend It

    “Personal finance is not always about the money. Money is a tool you use to achieve happiness. So it would be lunacy to sacrifice long-term happiness in the pursuit of money.”

  • Med FIThe First 100,000

    “Set financial milestones sure, but be mindful of the arrival fallacy. Save money, but perhaps not at the cost of living a life with little quality. Aim to augment your wealth, but prioritise enriching your life.”








  • Sign up to Trading212 via this link and we both receive a free share.


  • Sovereign Quest – A new personal finance curation site launched by Indeedably. It’s already off to a great start. Definitely worth checking out.



Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a great week!

2 replies on “Wednesday Reads: Just the links”

Thanks for the double link! I really like the theme running through the Wednesday reads this week. Given the colour of life has become tinged with grey because of Covid, lockdown etc., a timely reminder that money should be used to generate quality, not amplify quantity.

You’re welcome! I thought both posts were great, so had to share 🙂

Funnily enough, that theme wasn’t planned when picking the links. They just happened to be the ones that stood out to me whilst reading. I guess I’m in the “long middle” of the road to FI. When you first discover the concept and the community, you’re excited and eager to put everything into practise. But now, a few years into it, the processes are set up. I just have to keep plugging away for the next several years. Apparently I like reading things that remind me that FI (and life!) is a journey, not a destination!

I definitely agree with your final sentence. Money should be used to generate (or amplify :p ) quality. Well said!

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