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Wednesday Reads: Changes

A round up of interesting or cool stuff I’ve read.

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At the end of June, I wrote a post about coming to a career crossroads. My current contract is coming to an end early next year. I decided to write a post detailing my options and thoughts on each – Double Down, Pivot, or Start Over

I had a number of helpful replies, both as comments to the post and as private messages. If you did leave your thoughts or give some advice, thank you!

I’ve mentioned it in passing a few times since, but I thought it would be good to document my decision properly, and set out what my plans are for the next year or two.

I ultimately decided that, YOLO, might as well follow my gut. So I’ve decided to plow on ahead, ‘start over,’ and train to become a financial planner.

Turns out the training is much harder than anticipated! I thought I’d be able to bash out an exam every two months. In practise, making time to study after a full day of work, household chores, and the desire to relax and unwind, is easier said than done.

Nonetheless, I passed the first exam in November. What a relief! I ordered the next module soon after, but haven’t looked at it yet. I needed a breather before starting the process again.

My plan is to take it easy and try to get this module finished in a similar time frame. That should just about line up with the end of my contract.

I’ll then take some time to study without the distractions of a 9-to-5. Once I’ve passed the remaining exams, I’ll be ready to dip my toe into this new field. Realistically, I will probably start looking and networking (one of my least favourite activities) before I finish the exams, but I won’t want to start a job until I’m qualified.

In terms of keeping up with the costs of living, the ol’ emergency fund is healthy enough to keep us afloat for a year or so. Even better, Ms FIRE was recently offered a job, so she’ll be able to share the burden.

Of course, now I’m thinking my emergency fund is too big, and I should’ve stuck more in my ISA… But no matter, the peace of mind it has brought over the last few months is more than worth it.

As for ‘why?’ Why go through all this effort to retrain?

The biggest reason is that I’m really interested and passionate about this subject (as if running a money blog for two years didn’t give it away!).  And I’m not remotely passionate or interested in my current job.

So I decided, why not give it a go? Worst case, I don’t enjoy the work and, after a few years, I move on to try something else. Best case, I find a new, rewarding career that makes the journey towards FI more fun.

After all, life is short. I may as well enjoy the ride!


Interesting links that caught my eye this week:


  • Crypto, stocks, real estate… So many options. Where should one begin to invest? FI Scribbles gives his view on the most important and effective investment of all.




“Do away with status. Choose mastery instead.”



“For me, enough is acknowledging the line between satisfaction and excess.”


  • Continuing on from last week’s discussion on FIRE, Banker on FIRE gives his views. I agree with his conclusion that financial independence is worth pursuing, but you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the journey! (Which, as I said above, is precisely why I’m planning a career change).



  • Personal Finance Blogs has a good interview with Quiet-FI. It has also introduced me to a few new blogs that I wasn’t aware of. They’ve been added to the never-ending time sink that is my Feedly app.





  • Bitcoin peaks at record high close to $20,000BBC. Exciting stuff, huh? I’m intrigued to see what it does next. I feel like there isn’t much hype this time around, so I think it will continue to rise. Despite that, I have no skin in the game; as I said a few weeks ago, I haven’t bought any and don’t intend to for a while yet (if at all). On a related note, Ben Carlson of A Wealth of Common Sense gave his views – The Best Case Scenario for Bitcoin.





  • Sign up to Trading212 via this link and we both receive a free share.



Thanks for reading. Hope you’re all having a good week.

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Congrats on passing the first exam Doc. Isn’t it great to be financially healthy? Even though you are technically not FI, your savings are giving you the option to change your career into something that looks more interesting to you. Isn’t that the main reason many are pursuing FI in the first place?

Thanks, Tony. You’re right, simply having 6+ months savings in the bank takes a weight of off your shoulders and gives you many more options. Worth pursuing, even if one doesn’t want to retire early!

Thanks for the mention! I really enjoyed the article you’ve linked by, one of the best articles I’ve read in a while.

As always, thanks for compiling this weekly summary.

No problem, Ad Otium. It was an enjoyable read :). More To That is a great website. Maybe one day I’ll write stuff as good as he does!

Hi Raph, thanks for commenting. Believe it or not, I actually already have your post in my draft for this weeks edition!

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