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Microfiction #1 – fire

An entry into the Microfiction series started by Marc over at Finance Your Fire.


Below is a (very) late entry into Marc’s Microfiction challenge over at Finance Your Fire. The idea is simple; he states a word, and participants have to write a short story (~350 words) that includes that word.

I warn you now, there is no mention of money or financial independence, so I understand if you decide to skip this post!

In the first round, the word was:


Panicked, she stumbled out of the room and was met by a wall of thick smoke and an oppressive heat. She fell to the floor and gasped for air. Tears stinging her eyes, she began crawling along the landing, desperately worried for her son. She tried to shout out his name, but could only choke on the ashy fumes.

She heard her name being called over the roar of the flames; realising her son was nearby, she was overcome with adrenaline. She wiped her eyes clear, pressed her top against her face to try to block some of the smoke, and then quickly crawled towards the origin of the cry.

Reaching the bedroom door, she grasped for the handle and fumbled it open. Smoke billowed in behind her as she pressed the door closed. She turned and saw her son coughing in the corner furthest from the door. She crawled over and hugged him tightly.

Resolved that nothing was going to harm her child, she immediately began formulating a plan of escape. She briefly looked out of the window, but the bedroom was too high, the drop too sheer; they would have to go downstairs.

Gripping her son tightly, she once again forced open the door, and blindly felt her way along the corridor. The heat was intense and the sound was deafening. Reaching the top of the stairwell, they half-slid half-tumbled down into the smog.

She reached up and groped for the keys. She frantically searched for the right one, made all the more difficult by the acrid smoke.

Finally, she burst out of the front door into the cold, silent night, dragging her son with her. Once she could no longer feel the fierce heat against her back, she turned and collapsed to the floor. Clutching her son, she stared, shocked, as the fire slowly consumed her now former home.



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As a side note, I’m going on holiday for the next few weeks, so the blog will be quiet until I return. I get to meet my girlfriend’s family (most of them for the first time), so wish me luck!


8 replies on “Microfiction #1 – fire”

Thank you, Cashflow Cop! Glad you liked it. Not the most original story, haha, but it’ll do.

I think it went pretty well!

Great and dramatic entry Dr. FIRE! :) I really enjoyed reading it. And I am glad you found the time and energy to join…

I will soon post the second installment.. with a new word for a new round of cool microfiction. I hope you will join again although I do understand you have some other things on your mind…meeting your girlfriend’s family and all that ;)

Thank you, Marc! I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to join in, but I woke up one morning with a flash of inspiration, and had to write it down asap! It was a lot of fun, so I will probably join in with the second instalment. Looking forward to it!

Hi DrF no June update? Guess you’re busy with work, home life? Or moving on from fire? Guess there’s only do much to write about? Cheers

Hola, Adam. Have no fear, this blog hasn’t been abandoned. I only got back from my holiday on Tuesday, and haven’t had a chance to write my June update yet. I’m glad someone misses my ramblings though!

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