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Lockdown reflections

A pandemic-inspired thought experiment proposed by Saving Ninja.

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I, like many others, find myself with more free time than usual at the moment, so I thought I’d try my hand at the latest Saving Ninja thought experiment:


Unprecedented events create new experiences. What fun, misadventure, or positive discoveries have you encountered while locked down?



Working from home; so far, so good

Like all non-essential staff, I’ve been working from home since this lockdown started. The entirety of my job can be done anywhere where I have a laptop and internet connection, so I am able to carry on almost as normal.

Until this pandemic started, my boss was pretty old school and wanted everyone in the office during core hours, so this is my first experience of working from home long-term. I have to say, I like it! I’m just as productive at home as I was in the office, but now have added freedom and flexibility in when I start or finish. I can take a two hour break in the middle of the day to go grocery shopping, for example, and then finish my working day two hours later.

I will say that I do miss the option of going into work occasionally for some socialising, or for the ease of just turning around and asking someone for help. But we’ve set up a group Slack so it’s easy enough to contact someone for whatever reason if needs be, and obviously meetings can be carried out over Zoom/Skype/etc.

Also, my current work-from-home setup is far from ideal. We live in a tiny one-bedroom flat. This means that I either have to work at the dining table and suffer the definitely-not-in-any-way-ergonomic dining chairs which give me back pain after an hour. Or I have sit on the sofa with my laptop perched on my lap and notes off to one side. This is better, but can again lead to a stiff neck if I’m not careful. Makes me almost long for the days where I was a student with a desk and decent chair in my bedroom! (Almost, but not quite, because I quite enjoy not living in damp, cold, shared student housing).


I enjoy spending more time with my wife

With the both of us suddenly working from home, you’d think that tensions could be high now that we’re always up in each others space. Happily, that is not the case, and we get along just as well as ever. Which is reassuring, considering we only recently got married!


Risk tolerance seems fine for now

My networth has dropped by about £8K, but I’m not that fussed. I still have a healthy amount in the bank and a job that is secure until the end of the year. May be a different story when I come to look for a new job to start early next year though! And of course, it will probably feel much, much worse if/when we have another financial crash in 20 years time and I (hopefully) have much more money tied up in the stock market.


Fun & Misadventure:

Weekly Houseparty/Zoom/Skype boardgame nights

Maybe I’m the minority here, but I find myself being even more social than before the lockdown started! At the beginning of April, I was expecting to visit two different groups of friends on two different weekends to celebrate some birthdays, and otherwise just hang out with Ms FIRE. All of our friends live in different cities, so our weekday evenings are usually quiet. However, I now have weekly boardgame nights with friends that I would usually only see once every few months, quizzes, D&D with family, etc. Makes me very grateful to have a good network of friends right now, even if I am usually very introverted and anti-social.


More walks around the neighbourhood

One disadvantage to working from home is that I no longer have my daily walk to and from work (about an hour total). Considering this was most of my exercise, that’s not good! So we’ve got in the habit of going outside for a walk most days. Sometimes just a short 20 minute walk, sometimes a longer one along some nearby country paths. It’s good to stretch our legs, get some vitamin D and some fresh air. It also provides some time away from the screen and allows us to talk about whatever comes to mind.



I have found myself playing some very old retro computer games for nostalgia, as well as working through Far Cry 5 with Ms FIRE. I probably wouldn’t have chosen to get the game myself, but it has turned out to be a decent co-op shoot-em-up.


Much more reading

My general aim is to read roughly a book a month, which I’ve more or less managed over the last few years. However, I’ve smashed this target in April, reading 4-5 books. I realise this is nothing compared to some, but it’s pretty good going for me.


Closing thoughts

As you can see, I’ve been very (un)productive during this pandemic.

But’s that’s OK. This is a strange time. I still have to work my usual 40-odd hours per week. And once I’ve finished for the day, I’m more inclined to just relax for the evening


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5 replies on “Lockdown reflections”

We’ve had a very similar experience thus far! 🙂

How have you set up the Far Cry 5 CO-OP? Two laptops or two consoles? I’ve already played through a lot of it on PS4, do you think it’s worth buying twice again on PC to play CO-OP?

Good to hear 🙂

We’re playing on two laptops. It was on sale a few weeks ago on Steam, so we picked it up for £12 each. At that price, sure, I think it’s worth it. I’m not particularly interested in the story, I just enjoy running around blowing stuff up whilst my wife plays through the campaign! But it looks like it’s now back up to full price. Definitely not worth £50 per copy!

If you want co-op games, there are a few good ones on PS4 that allow split-screen for a decent price. Off the top of my head, Resident Evil 5 is excellent (and looks to be on sale for £7 on the PS store right now), and Portal Knights is a fun Minecraft clone.

We have portal knights on PC 🙂 We generally opt for PC as we have one each; I have a PS4 for the exclusives! I’ll definitely look into RE5 though 😮

Currently we’re really enjoying playing Ark, that was a steal at £10 odd as well, it’s like a Jurassic Park sandbox! I’d definitely recommend it for you two, we’re currently building our dream ranch and have a herd of dino pets.

You can set up a dedicated server off one machine so you don’t have to deal with other people and you can clock up the resource gathering speeds. We’re already at over 30 hours playtime and I’m pretty sure it’s been under a month!

RE5 on PS4 has split screen co-op, so you only need one console! It can be a bit cramped though, if you have a relatively small TV like we do. Having said that, I’ve just checked Steam and it’s on sale for £3.50 (until the 6th of May), so you could get a copy each for the same price as the PS4 version. Definitely worth it at that price.

I’ve heard of Ark, but never tried it myself. I’ll add it to my Steam wishlist, and might pick it up if it goes on sale again during this pandemic. Sounds like you’ll be well prepared for ranch living by the time it becomes a reality!

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