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Jan-Jun 2018 Income & Expenses

A look at my income and expenses for the first half of 2018.

One of the things I want to do on this blog is share my income and expenses each month. I’ve always found it useful and interesting to see this on other blogs, and I think it will help showing my actual numbers will help to put this blog into perspective. I’ve been tracking my expenses for a long time, and my income and net worth since the start of this year, so I thought it would be useful to have one of the first posts take a look at the first six months of 2018.


Income type 6 months 1 month (average)
Wage £11,800.20 £1,966.70
Ms FIRE £675.00 £112.50
Interest £167.78 £27.96
Total £12,642.98 £2,107.16

Not too much to talk about here. My girlfriend lives with me and is studying for a PhD, so her wage is a lot less than mine. We’ve agreed that she should contribute ~£115 each month, and then the rest of her income is hers to do with as she wants (buying clothes, food, saving for holidays, etc). I then cover the rest of the expenses, as detailed below.  The wage is after tax, national insurance, pension contributions and student loan repayments. The interest, which is so tiny that I almost considered just not including it, is from the money I have sat in a few different current accounts. I currently don’t track any “income” from my investments, as it just gets automatically reinvested.


Category 6 months 1 month (average) % of Income
Rent £3,300.00 £550.00 26.1%
Bills £1,657.32 £276.22 13.1%
Groceries & Toiletries £1,359.79 £226.63 10.8%
Eating Out £409.24 £68.21 3.2%
Presents £238.53 £39.76 1.9%
Alcohol £96.82 £16.14 0.8%
Transport £634.05 £105.68 5.0%
Fun £443.32 £73.89 3.5%
One off £399.52 £66.59 3.2%
Holiday £807.55 £134.59 6.4%
Clothes £128.99 £21.50 1.0%
Total £9,475.13 £1,579.19 74.9%

Mostly self explanatory. Bills includes (deep breath) gas, electricity, water, council tax, Netflix, mobile phone, internet, home insurance and Playstation Plus. Maybe I’ll break it down more thoroughly in a future Income/Expenses report. “Fun” is a vague category that includes buying CDs, games, concert tickets, etc, and “one-off” is another vague category for random things like furniture, or a new pair of glasses. Again, I’ll go into more detail in future posts. 

Savings Rate

My savings rate at the moment is a not too shabby 25%, which ends up as £500 into my stocks and shares ISA each month.  There is of course room for improvement, but I think it’s pretty good considering my girlfriend and I are essentially living on a single income. My aim is to try to maintain this for the next two-three years, maybe see if I can push it to 30%, until she finishes her PhD. Then we can split the expenses 50:50 (more or less, depending on who earns how much at that point) and I can increase my saving rate accordingly. 




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