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FIREhub interview & other things

In short, I was interviewed over at Go check it out!


This is a quick post (much shorter than usual!) to highlight that I was interviewed over at as part of their Bloggers on FIRE series. They asked some pretty good questions; in particular I expanded on why I want to reach financial independence, and what advice I would give to my younger self. Surprisingly, the advice was not money related!

If you’ve somehow stumbled across my blog and yet have not heard of FIREhub, I urge you to check them out. They do a great job of collecting articles specific to the European FI community, who otherwise might get drowned out by the vast number of US blogs out there.

Don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite bloggers are from the States, but it’s also nice to read a blog that is specific to you, and doesn’t mention Roth IRAs or 401k’s anywhere! It’s great to read the stories of those from a variety of different backgrounds; even though the methods to reach financial independence are broadly similar wherever you’re from, it’s interesting to see the differences in approach across the whole of Europe.


Other things:

Whilst I’m here, I also wanted to highlight a few new pages that I’ve added to the blog recently, but are probably a little too well hidden:

First, I’ve started a directory of UK FI blogs that I follow. I’ll aim to update it every so often with any new blogs that I come across and like the look of.

Second, I have shamelessly copied Indeedably and have started an ongoing list of articles that I found especially interesting, enlightening or enjoyable. It’s like a glorified bookmarks page, only instead of it being private, everyone can use it to potentially find some good reading material. It’s early days, but it’ll grow with time. Both of these can be found under the Favourite Things section on the main menu at the top of each page.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone is having a good week and is able to enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!

6 replies on “FIREhub interview & other things”

Hi Noemi. Thanks for the invitation to participate in the interview series! There were some great questions. You guys over at FIREhub are doing a good job, and I’m looking forward to seeing the site grow over the coming years!

Thanks for including us on your FIRE Blog list Dr Fire!

I read your interview of at FIREHub – Definitely agree with the exercise comment near the end (old habits die hard! I used to be into rowing a decade ago and now I don’t think I’m fit enough to stay on a rowing machine for 30 seconds, let alone the hours I used to!

Perhaps that’s just another reason / benefit to get to FIRE!

No problem, Jase! It’s really interesting following the progress of your amazon affiliate website, so I had to include it.

At least you used to do rowing! I’ve never been a sporty person, and whilst I do recognise that exercising usually makes me feel better afterwards, it’s not so easy to get started.

Enjoyed reading your interview, Dr FIRE and thanks for including my blog in your list.

If you have the time (and inclination), you could do a board games/video games blog alongside your money blog. You’d have at least one reader (me!)

Thanks Weenie. And of course! Yours was one of the first FI blogs I found, and you’re still going strong 🙂

Good to know I’d have at least one reader! Something to consider for the future, but I think I want to focus on this blog for now.

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